Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Suggestions please

Reading through the annual Summer Reading Guide that comes in The Weekend Australian around this time each year, I was thrilled to see that some of my favourite authors have new books out. Being thrifty and also hoarding cash for inevitable cost haemorrhaging on the house extension, I have made myself a list for the next six months of library visits. Pause for a plug for our local library: the Ipswich Global Information Centre. Very “1984” in its naming, but it has a huge range of books and carries many of the latest publications, sometimes even before they are reviewed in the national press. In addition to the large library in the Ipswich CBD, they also run the mobile library service that cycles around all the little country towns and areas. Marburg gets a visit every second Tuesday. Rosewood being larger (and possibly, as the home of the chairperson of the library committee), gets the library every Friday and every second Wednesday. Library visit day is one of the major social events in town and you are guaranteed to meet up with many neighbours (or at least the ones that count…, I mean read).

The other thing I noticed reading the guide, is that many of the featured books have fantastic titles. At the moment, I am still referring to my book as exactly that, “my book.” So I am calling for suggestions for a working title, that is, something I can call it for the moment. I can’t offer any guarantees as to whether suggestions will carry through to the final manuscript, but please feel free to offer ideas.

Nota bene: Between elections and other things, I realise that there has been little historical content here recently. I apologise, but I do also need to point out that I’m focusing on writing at the moment so don’t have quite so much time for digging up other stories. My original plan was to finish the first draft of the book by Christmas. This is still possible if a miracle occurs, so please bear with me.


SybBrig said...

Australia, Ho!
Ulric Jaeckels and the Deadly Halos (apologies, I can't remember the boy's names)
Out of Prussia
The Prussians are Coming! The Prussians are Coming!
Three Children and There
The Dough also Rises

Sorry, can't be serious today, I guess. I think the title follows from the tone of the book, and I don't know what tone you intend yet (adventure, historical, coming-of-age, comic -- although I doubt comic).

And don't feel the need to apologize for coverage (or lack of it) in your blog -- it's all interesting!

Blithe said...

I like the last suggestion even though this is not meant to be a comedy. It will cheer me up as I write!