Wednesday, 16 January 2008


January 31st has been selected as the big day for the house arrival. Book your seats, pack your snacks, bring your cameras…and pray, or do whatever you do, for dry weather, not just on the day but for about a week beforehand to dry out the ground. Even the bulldozer that I have booked would have problems if it is as wet as it is at the moment. I promise photos for those unable to be in attendance.

I have never had any need for a bulldozer before – I hope I asked the right questions and conveyed the correct information. The “dozer man” is bringing “the big one” and needed to be reassured that the house moving crew will be in attendance as well. Now I have to find out whether the dozer will fit through regular farm gates or if I have to get the “fence guy” on the job too.

I need to line up the plumber, electrician and yes, the builder, hopefully out of therapy in time. I am dithering as to whether to go with him or try to get someone else. On the positive side, he doesn’t have anything else lined up and would like a small, straightforward job to get him back in the swing of things. On the other hand, how likely are we to send him straight back into hospital?

And there is a small matter of demolishing our laundry which has to be first emptied, working out what to do laundry-wise in the interim, tanks to shift…the list goes on. As always at the start of big projects, I am excited but nervous. Here’s to the future!

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Vivi said...

Exciting news! Our thoughts will be with you.

I say (not having the money or house at stake) that you go with the fragile builder, because if he just needs a chance, you can provide it, and it makes for a great story later. Unless, that is, you have a solid sense that he will not be able to carry through on the job (how fragile is he?).