Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Getting back to basics

For something that is meant to be about writing and history and even historical writing, this blog seems to have been very focused on houses recently. In the midst of stumping, reroofing and vital decisions such as roofing materials I’m trying to get my mind off the house and onto the book. My sister was quizzing me about the Jaeckels during her visit. “So they’re still in Germany are they?” “When will they make the decision to leave?” “Are you going to include a list of what they need to take on the boat – I thought that list was very interesting?” Instead of simply bopping her on the nose and screaming “Don’t ask about my book” (it is so easy to revert to childhood patterns of behaviour with one’s siblings) I thought that I should take what she said in the spirit of things and just get to work.

So I’m retyping what I’ve written so far to get my thoughts back on track. There’s a possibility that I might be going overseas on a short trip later in the year (if funding and stars and the gods align) and I am using that to motivate myself. It’s part of a new project on which I’m working and I do like to clean old projects out of the way first. I’ve actually spent the last few days squeezing in moments on the new project – the funding deadline approaches. It’s refreshing to be seeking funding for my own project, but like everything else it takes a lot of time and emotional energy. Fortunately there is only so much time you can spend on colour options for roofs and I’m done with family celebrations for several months.

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