Monday, 20 June 2011

Dancing gal

For those of you who know Blithe Girl, you may enjoy watching this clip from YouTube. She's in The Brisbane Gang Show this year. They did a flash mob to promote the show in Queen Street Mall which is the main shopping area in Brisbane. It was great fun to watch.

Click here to watch the clip. And click here to purchase tickets.

Who would have thought my daughter would ever be dancing in Queen Street Mall (or to be honest, able to dance at all?)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Signs of the times

I was in Sydney on the long weekend to catch up with family. It was a lovely visit. I very rarely see my brother and his family and it was great to spend some time with them. Now that we are "all grown up" (and I put this in quotations because I at least very intermittently feel adult) it's a different kind of relationship. Although there was a moment in the car with my Dad driving when he was cranky at us for not being ready on time then told us off for chattering too much. We caught each others' eye, started to giggle and nudge each other and I felt about 12 years old again.

I love to search out good signage when I'm travelling and post here for your enjoyment my favourite of this trip. My father doesn't like crass mentions of bodily functions so let me just say that this was in a small public room and that people might have wondered about the clicking going on in the cubicle. Not only is the sign funny but it's also a neat little reminder of cultural difference.