Thursday, 7 June 2007


This week: rain, sick children, the discovery that my car roof leaks (not a problem in the preceding 466 days), groceries, bills – all the paraphernalia of a normal family life.

Today: rushing around, school run, groceries bought, a pause to write a paragraph or two, dinner cooked early for small children, a babysitter, shoes polished, an expedition to unearth the ironing board.

Tonight: music, listening to a successful and possibly interesting author, good food and the need to scrub up a bit. It’s the State Library of Queensland’s inaugural annual dinner. In addition to the festivities (it’s Queensland’s 148th birthday and everyone is practicing for the 150th), they will be announcing the Library Board of Queensland award, the John Oxley Library Fellowship and a few other awards. No chance of my getting the award as I didn’t even make the short-list of interviewees but I am interested to see who does.

Tomorrow: a report on the festivities. By the way, for yesterday, Happy Birthday Queensland!

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