Monday, 20 October 2008

It's all about me

Well yes it is – it’s my blog after all. But I noticed recently that I’ve been posting less historical snippets and more personal musing. Perhaps it is because I am at the stage of my book when I am actually writing. I still look up the occasional fact or detail, but mainly I am just writing and trying to finish telling the story that is inhabiting my head. I don’t want to post excerpts from the book so I am reduced to talking about writing which I read recently is an unattractive feature of wanna-be writers.

I realised last week that this is actually some kind of addiction. I was typing away, transferring hand-written material to the computer and editing as I went. I always jot little notes to myself in the margins to remind me of things and I came across some notes that set me scribbling. After a few minutes I had laid out my plans for the Marburg trilogy of books. So for those unbelievers, you now have three books of which to doubt the existence.

But I do promise to try to incorporate less navel-gazing and more rich and fascinating historical detail – when I have exorcised the Jaeckels at least temporarily.

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Vivi said...

As another would-be writer, I've been enjoying the navel-gazing. Thrilled to hear a trilogy is in the works -- I always love trilogies.

- Not a doubter at all.