Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday frivolity

It has been hot for the last week. Not just hot but still, humid and temper-inducing. Reading Pratchett and Gaiman’s Good Omens (a light-hearted lark through the possibilities of Armageddon that shouldn’t be, yet impossibly is, hilarious) a line that perfectly described this week leapt out at me: “The air had a leftover and reheated feel.” Thursday morning at approximately 4.05am autumn arrived. Spirits lifted with the drop in humidity and temperature. Even the hillsides looked cheerful. Birds sang more brightly, mosquitoes dove more desperately, suddenly aware that their time is now short.

Friday is my favourite day of the week. Not because of the imminent weekend, though that helps. It’s because all my commitments for the week are over. I usually take the older children to school, come home, catch up on chores, have a cuppa and put my feet up while reading our free local rag – the Moreton Border News. This is not investigative journalism. This is what you read when you want to know what is on in our immediate local vicinity. There are photos of schoolchildren, reports of new playgrounds, local prizes and awards, who is doing what and to whom.

My personal favourite is the several pages of “Country Classifieds.” Where else could you locate?

A brand new mincer and sausage maker.
A complete nursery in beige, maroon and green for only $500.
A 17 ‘ wood boat with an outboard.
An 800 watt car amplifier.
Size 10 high-heeled dress sandals, copper colour.
A Mazda 626, engine corked up, unreg. $500.
A 26” chisel plough tyne.
A jet-black yearling colt.
A 23’ windmill, needs some repairs.
1955 International McCormick tractor.
Give-away assorted used garden pots.
A military saddle.
1600 acre lifestyle farm, 200 acres cleared with income potential.
30 Brahman heifers.
Figs, suitable for jam.
Craft ostrich eggs.
A breeding pair of rats.
Chook yard to be dismantled, 14 backyard chooks, one tame friendly rooster.
An ex-army generator.
22 Pokemon videos.
A blacksmith’s gate-leg vice.

And that’s just a selection of this week’s offers. Can you wonder at my fascination?

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