Friday, 24 April 2009

A weakly summary

Current visitor tally for week: 12 if the washing machine repair people are included.

Laundry: None (see above)

Meals: Too many to count, often prepared too late and in a rush. Some visitors fussy. (What’s not to like about potatoes? Or tuna? Or pasta?)

Paid employment: Squeezed between other things.

Writing: What’s that?

Exercise: Limited to gentle walking by virtue of back/hip/advancing decrepitude.

Jars of jams made: 14

Note to self: don’t tell people you make jam or they will offload all their surplus fruit and you will feel compelled to turn it into jam. And a jam compulsion is a terrible thing.

Blog-reading/news following/general connection with world: Is there a world out there?

Promise: To try to do better next week (see the weasel word in there?).

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