Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Writing things off

I’ve just started paid employment two days a week. It’s a totally different culture. Being at home is hard work. Being at work is a different kind of hard work. You do get a better morning tea at my paid employment but the politics are remarkably similar – who gets what, when and the fairness thereof. There’s slightly less crying and name-calling at work though.

I like it. Parts of my brain are awakening from long hibernation. You’re expected to sit quietly, think and produce rather than that occurrence being a triumph of will over circumstances. I am learning a huge amount and also discovering that I actually know how to do quite a few things. It’s all very educational albeit tiring.

I have no doubt that over the next few months I will be tearing my hair out at points. I have one intensive project that is working to a tight short deadline and a long project that needs a lot of work done with few hours allocated to it. And I’m trying to write up a grant proposal for a project for next year.

But … this second book isn’t writing itself. I know because I’ve tried letting it. Benign neglect, vicious neglect, apathy – none of them work. I’m hoping that as work-related schedule adjustments are bedded down, I’ll get back to more writing. I miss it.

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