Monday, 21 September 2009

This doesn't compute

I've have been having all sorts of problems with blogger but I can't blame the platform for my woes. You may have noticed weird symbols in the posts. I haven't because the layout looks just fine in Firefox on my trusty Mac. But some people have let me know that things are Not Up To Scratch. I haven't actually worked out what the problem is, but I have worked out how to work around it. And that will have to do for the moment. Of course, please let me know if things aren't working and I will urge you to enter the light and buy a Mac or at the very least, run something other than IE.

I had a lovely quiet afternoon yesterday down at the Historical Society. I was doing my duty and getting out of a family event and getting some time to sit and think. It was all good. I've even come up with a list of subjects about which to blog. Hopefully between the list and a few extra days at home due to the school holidays will revitalise Two Tree Hill.

I'm hoping for a bit of revitalisation myself. Theoretically I am meant to be doing some work at home but on Day One I have already realised that that is not a likely scenario. I honestly think the only way to work at home is to have a dedicated sound-proofed space and a dedicated childminder -- now it's sounding like my father and his neatly isolated studies in every house we ever lived in. The appeal is tremendous.

I haven't yet had the headspace to think about what to do about
Outwanderers. The Jaeckels have been left sitting on the jetty in Brisbane for too many months now. They're probably getting bored and wandered off to who knows where. Maybe Anna is flirting with the local boys and Carl is getting into mischief on the wharves.

I haven't heard anything from the publisher so it seems as if my baby has been rejected. I plan to do something about it as soon as I work out what. And when that occurs, I will of course let you know too. I don't want this baby to wander homeless in the world.

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Vivi said...

I haven't sighted any odd characters or formatting. But I have a Mac, and I read blogs in Safari (mostly) and Firefox (occasionally). Last I heard, not even Microsoft was supporting IE any more -- rough as it is to have to find and learn a new browser, upgrading appears to be the cost of playing these days on the "interwebs" (as it is jokingly referred to).

Firefox is highly recommended as an easy switchover for IE users.