Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The grasseaters or the great competition

The view to the north this morning (7.44am)

The view to the south this morning (7.45am)


joe MN said...

Have you and Mr. Blithe going into horse ranching?

Blithe said...

Looks like it doesn't it? Our house is located very oddly at the back of a two acre block so our back fence (3 strands of barbed wire) is a barely legal distance away from the house. It doesn't matter as nothing is, or will be built there, but the horses get very close.

We can't plant anything too edible near the fence although in dry times, the horses' definitions of edible are very wide.

Current neighbours have many horses and I have woken often to what sounds like horses in the next room. Imagine 17 galloping past the house! Or snorting loudly in the deep silence of a country night.

Blithe said...

The horses snorting, not me!