Sunday, 9 January 2011

Resolutely entering the new year

I always intend to make New Year's resolutions but somehow or rather time slips by me and I've missed that wonderful opportunity to think about the year gone and the year to come. My thoughts about new year usually occur in the quiet of mid-January. It's not that January is much calmer than other times of the year. The kids are still on holiday. I'm still trying to finish up all the things I promised to get done by Christmas and I'm trying to come up with new projects/funding/income for another year. But there is a kind of lull when I try (again) vainly (again) to organise myself, tidy the house and think of the future.

2011 is a significant year for me. A little over five years ago, I was wondering about whether to have another child. I remember saying to Mr Blithe "But if we have another child, they won't be starting school until 2011!" It seemed so far away. I worried about the effect on my career and life and yet took the plunge (so to speak). 2011 seems to have raced up on me and my baby is starting school in a fortnight. I still don't know what 2011 holds for me and I still don't know what I am going to do when I grow up but here are a few goals:

  • To clean up the "filing system" on my bedroom floor.
  • To find some kind of stable work (that is, steady work rather than working with horses!)
  • To improve my balance between work for money, work for interest and family life.
  • To write more.
  • To continue my efforts to be kinder to people including myself and to be more patient.
  • To be braver.

As part of my efforts to be braver, here is me hanging from a bar over a 2 storey drop at the free fall slide at Questacon in Canberra. I piked twice but managed it on the third go after grilling the poor attendant about potential risks, hazards, approximate height of the drop, average injury rates etc…it's a wonder he didn't just push me off the edge. And yes, the boiler suit is required and is not my normal attire.

Happy New Year everyone. May your year be full of challenges bravely met and goals reached.


Vivi said...

Wow! You show much much greater bravery than I, even after piking twice. I'd never!

May 2011 bring happiness to you all, and time for you in particular to get things done when Blithe Boy is at school!

Anonymous said...

I dunno---travelling around the world with three children seems pretty brave to me.