Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Publishing links

Things have been kinda up in the air around here lately. I'm busy jumping back and forth between various jobs and levels of sanity. If you're interested and have small feet (European size 37 or Australian 6B), here's a niche shoe website that I've been working on for the last few weeks. Ships worldwide...

However, to keep you up on your toes regarding the book world, here are a couple of interesting links.

The first is a blog
reviewing self-published books. You may not be interested in self-published books or the world of self-publishing but these are fascinating reviews full of very helpful information on what terrible mistakes to avoid in your writing. And they are often cringingly amusing (in that sort of "hope I've never done that, must pull out my writing and check" way).

The second link is a blog by the same person who writes the reviews above. This one is bluntly descriptive in its title,
How Publishing Really Works. Plenty of material for thought and agonising over.

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