Sunday, 15 January 2012

On my silence

I started a blog and I started to write. I wrote the blog and I wrote a book. I wrote when the babies were sleeping and I wrote when the toddlers were playing. I wrote when the big kids started school and I wrote when the little kid started school. I wrote a book and rewrote a book. I would say that I got rejection slips but I never even got acknowledgement of submissions. I kept writing then I started working again. I put the book away and got busy with life. I worked a couple of days a week when the kids were in school then I got another job and worked most days of the week while the kids were in school. Then the biggest kid finished primary school and it was about time to stop treading water and remember that I had a mind and aspirations to a career.

I got a job of the kind that might lead to something, not just one to fill in time and pay bills (though those kind are good too). I found out that there was really only time for a few things -- work and being a mum and partner. So the writing petered out and the blog fell between the cracks and friends started to write to me to ask if I was okay. I am okay, more than okay. But I'm not blogging though I do still write. I have ideas for books and even occasionally write them down or read other books. I have a job that requires a lot of thought, energy, writing and reading but can delightfully be left behind when I walk to my car and drive home. When I am home, I'm busy spending time with my family and doing the things that keep the household somewhat messily and chaotically lurching forward.

I'm going to leave the blog here though as it is a chronicle of my writing and research over quite a few years. I hope that people might find it and even learn something about the Rosewood Scrub and German migration to Australia. I will occasionally pop in but please don't depend on me to update it. It's become an archive rather than a diary. If you are specifically interested in me - I do tweet at intervals at but it is necessarily succinct and possibly frivolous. And I can always be reached by email at follysantidote[at] and via my personal email if you know it.

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Vivi said...

Glad to hear all is well in your life -- I can sympathize with making prioritized choices about your non-work time.

Don't give up on the book (or maybe the next one), whenever you do get back to it. It's a good story and you're a good writer, and it deserves to be told.

Live on!