Thursday, 20 September 2007

Shall we dance?

My day started at 3.30am with an enormous frightening bang and is ending with excitement. The enormous bang was my two-year old managing somehow, while never actually waking, to climb out of, and fall rapidly from his crib. Tears and shock over, he quietly went back to bed and sleep. We lay sleepless in our bed with our hearts racing, hearing every creak and anticipating another thud. None came but the crib has now been packed away and all of the children are in “big beds.” Naturally this necessitated nearly a whole day of rearranging the house, cleaning the horrors found under moved beds (“so that’s where that went”), and attempting to calm excited children.

In the relative calm of evening, I started writing about the study of Australian history only to be interrupted by a piece of said history: the Matildas playing Canada in China (the women’s FIFA World Cup for those not following the action.) The importance of this game was highlighted by SBS abbreviating their famed world news to a quick bulletin. Even the world weather was galloped over with more than usual haste. I think the globe itself spun faster for a few moments.

The Matildas had to win or draw their match to go through. Canada scored in the first minute. Things did not look good. It required intense attention for the next 92 and a bit minutes. Sometimes you have to step away from writing.

My oldest campaigned for hot chocolate and popcorn. I managed enough time away for the drink but not the popcorn. I didn’t think the younger children could stay in bed, even or maybe especially a new bed, if the sound and smell of popcorn drifted through the house.

To cut a long story short, Australia scored again, lethargy set in, Canada added a goal then bam, in the final three minutes Australia equalised. The Canadians cried, my daughter thought the Matildas should have waltzed. Sadly for us, they didn’t.

A different sort of history tomorrow.

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