Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Juggling chaos

Did I mention that it is school holidays? Or that many of my partner’s colleagues are coming for lunch on Saturday? Or that we are in the middle of planning and doing the deal on a house extension? My week has been a blur of children, cooking, planning food, more children, builders, solicitors, pest inspectors (searching for termites, borers and wood rot, not children), building inspectors, contracts…For the first time ever, I have had both the landline and the mobile phone running at the same time. My son now says “bye” hopefully whenever the phone rings.

My research raised its head once today. My daughter held up my modern German history book. A touch of excitement – perhaps she wanted to read it. But no, it was the perfect size and weight for supporting a flap of the cubby house she had built in the front room.

So my apologies but we will be experiencing some delays and possible rough spots over the next week or so. But I will return, hopefully sane. And during the lulls I will pop in and out and perhaps even attempt to write something. I might even tell you something about an idiosyncratically Queensland way of extending houses.

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