Monday, 1 October 2007

Pea soup

One of the descriptions I read in Life and Death in the Age of Sail really resonated with me. A passenger described a typical meal on board ship as “Pea soup flying in all directions” and that aptly described my last week. However, Sunday was a truly peaceful relaxed day. I love to drive but I also love weekends because that’s the only time I don’t drive and I get to look around at the passing view and play tourist. On the weekend the Blithe Girls had a sleepover at a friend’s house hence my peaceful, relaxed day. I knew the sleepover was a success at the groans of disappointment when we pulled up in front of the house.

As part of being a passenger instead of driver, I had my camera with me. One of the roads near here winds up the charmingly named Perry’s Nob, which is dotted with stands of remnant scrub. I took a photo to show the density of trees in the scrub. This piece has been grazed so there is less foliage than there would have been in the original scrub but you can see the close-set trees. Imagine having to clear this when it would have all been primary growth with many mature timber trees.

At the top, a delightful vista over Tallegalla opened out. Note the rural notes of rusted shed and old train carriage, plus of course Annabel, the house cow.

And finally, a view looking northwards over Woodlands to the distant d’Aguilar Ranges. You can see the township of Marburg lying in the valley and the tops of the trees that I photographed. The haze comes from recent heat and long-standing drought. The whole countryside seems to be baking slowly and inexorably.

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