Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Non-theoretical chaos

“So now that you’ve got a job, I guess you’re shelving the book for now.”

I looked at the speaker in surprise. Well yes I am tired, yes I am grumpy, yes I look like some sort of deranged generalissima mother hen herding her chicks maniacally around, but the thought of putting the book away had not even entered my mind.

“I’m almost finished so why would I put it away? And really, it’s only a part-time job,” was my response. I think they thought it was self-evident (see above description of my behaviour and appearance).

I’m not sure how things will go with adding another thing to the chaotic equation of this household, but I am determined that the book will not fall victim to it. After all (she tells herself optimistically) this house project will soon be completed and I may become a normal human being again. We might rediscover a social life, unearth old friends, do some gardening, occasionally watch television again (or talk – I hear that’s a nice thing too).

I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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