Friday, 9 October 2009

Come to the festival!

It's that time of year again, Marburg's Black Snake Creek Festival, running tonight and all day tomorrow. Come listen to music, see the art show, look at quilts, check out the Rosewood Scrub Historical Society and a myriad of market stalls and of course, buy a hamburger from the school burger stall.

There's a rumour that there will be line-dancing schoolchildren on the Saturday and a great parade.

I managed to get myself organised and put some photos into the art show. I had a quick preview of some of the entries on Wednesday and the show promises to be great. There's a art show opening reception, a poet's breakfast and music of all kinds. Our neighbour has been practicing diligently with his band. It's pretty good as far as I can tell (at least from 500m away).

Take a wander over to Marburg's blog and check out the events and timetable.

I'll see you at the festival!

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