Monday, 26 October 2009

Snippets of memory

26 June 1931
Mrs Mary Portley, 72 years

"She was a great reader and always a very keen student of politics even in earlier days when women were not supposed to have opinions of their own on matters of political importance.

24 July 1931

Mrs Edith Bulcock

"She was a most kindly, generous woman and an ardent worker, especially for her church."

28 October 1932

"Relic of Alexander Bradshaw Collingwood

December 19, 1942
Mrs Rose Gerber

"…was of quiet retiring disposition, and was respected by all.

For women it was about their disposition, whom they married, and their offspring. I do like Mary Portley's obituary though.

I also picked out a few names that I particularly liked: Apolonia, Queenie, Mirley and lots of Augustas. Adolf was still quite common as a name for one's son. I'm guessing it fell out of favour in the next decade or so.

For men it was about what they did, often long recitals of places been, wives married, children produced, jobs undertaken, worlds conquered. There are lots of words about men: "well-known," "highly respected," high esteem" but little about their personalities. A few hints are occasionally given. Two of my favourites are a description of a man as having a "quiet, manly disposition." And the lovely:

"Of a quiet retiring disposition, he had fine manly characteristics that are typical of those who have lived in and traversed the wide spaces of the West and North.

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