Monday, 2 November 2009

Preparing for change

Today in Marburg, Queensland, Australia: 30C (86F), perfect blue sky, puffy clouds, light breeze, dry grass rustling, laundry moving gently in the breeze.

Today in Stuttgart, Germany: 12C (53F), light rain, thermometer moving southwards.

Today in Salo, Italy: 9C (48F), fog, humidity 100%.

Today in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: 7C (44.6F), overcast with a forecast for sub-zero centigrade temperatures later in the week.

Similar temperatures in Boston, New York City and Chicago -- all on our agenda.

In only three weeks I'll be explaining to the children the purpose of those odd items hanging on the washing line today. And they'll be glad of the ski jackets, beanies and scarves hanging next to the gloves. I wonder if in years to come they will think white Christmases so romantic. And yes, we are planning to visit the original Marburg. Maybe my writing life will be reinvigorated by a wealth of visual detail. At the very least it will be fun to see again the places where I've placed the Jaeckels.

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Vivi said...

Great photo! I remember a prospective grad. student laughing in disbelief when I told her I often wore two pairs of gloves in January in Minnesota. Ha ha, the joke was on her.

How wonderful for your children to be able to experience the exotic northern-northern hemisphere Christmas. If nothing else, it should stand out in their memories, romantic or uncomfortable.