Sunday, 10 January 2010

The eagle has landed

Or rather slowly drifted home mired in jetlag.

Before I say anything else, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 will be a year full of good things for you.

It was a wonderful time away, but I am feeling disoriented now that I am home. Perhaps it is the waist-high grass that greeted us, or the shock of going from -20C and snow to 33C and humidity or perhaps just the contrast between home and traveling the world.

Another reason for not doing the laundry

Whatever it is, it is time to think quietly over what I've seen and done over the last six weeks, to get back to writing (and work), to work on neglected projects and start a few new ones.

My goal is to try to summarise each place we visited with one sentence and one photograph. Brevity is my new mantra. I'll post the results if I succeed.

In some ways I feel a bit like the public speaker tapping her microphone and wondering if it is working. Is there still anyone out there? Have I been forgiven for abandoning you my readers for such a long time?

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