Saturday, 30 January 2010

Good intentions gone wrong

I was full of good intentions. I was going to blog a lot. I was going to post pictures. I was going to sort out the house. I was going to whip up a great report for work in no time at all. I was going to be a better person. These were just general life ambitions not specifically New Year's resolutions.

Actually I have been working on a couple of the things. On other things there is so far no sign of improvement.

The Blithe children are back at school -- two this week and one on the upcoming Monday. I went into my office for the first time in two months this week. My chair was the wrong height, all my paperclips had disappeared, and there was a suspected snake in the skirting boards. (Quick backstory: someone saw a baby snake come in the sliding doors to the building last week, slither down the hallway and disappear into the one open door it found. Animal control initially found it then it disappeared into the walls. This, apparently, is life in Australia).

It was great to be at work. I sat down and wrote for six hours without having to sort out a single squabble. (Sometimes however, my parenting experience comes in handy with clients -- I won't say which). I did sit with my feet raised off the floor though.

For the last fortnight is has been very warm here. Almost every day has been in the mid to high 30s celsius. The computer, in addition to a suspected conflict somewhere that was imported when we transferred profiles from the previous incarnation, doesn't like the heat. Every time I have tried to do anything graphic intensive I have had a core crash. Solving this issue in a cost-effective (read zero cost) way is top of my "to do" list. I am trying not to blame myself for my non-delivery of photographs.

The better person part though is entirely my fault.

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