Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Talking to myself (again)

Before going to Marburg I wondered what the chances were of the area immediately around the Elizabethkirke having shops and specifically bakeries. Not that these HAD to exist, but I like my fiction not to be too improbable. And people always pick up things like that.

"There's no way there could be a bakery there." "What a load of bollocks. This writer , whatever her name is, has no idea what she's doing," I hear people saying. Don't worry -- I often hear conversations in my head. Sometimes in a houseful of kids it's the only way of having an adult conversation.

I am pleased therefore to report that there was not just one bakery near the church, but three in the immediate vicinity. The bakery pictured -- excuse the gloomy photo as it was after 4pm on a winter's afternoon and my trigger finger may have had frostbite -- was immediately opposite the church. The photo was taken in the intervals between a steady flow of traffic which seemed to mainly be buses, streaming between the footpath in front of the church and the bakery. Crossing the road to the steep hill going into the old town, I passed two other bakeries.

The Jaeckels must have had good business acumen. And I can now think up narky responses to those voices in my head.

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Vivi said...

Not a gloomy picture at all -- the bakery glows welcome and invitation, like all good bakeries should. I would expect the Jaekels to have similar (but with oil lanterns?)