Saturday, 6 February 2010

A tentative sigh of relief

I've spent so much time moaning recently about my computer woes that I have become boring. Years of using Macs had left me blase and immune to the computer woes of others. Then fate turned and bit me. All those years of importing information from various computers and piling new software on top of old information caught up with me.

Some kind of internal conflict meant crashing programmes. Even Firefox abandoned me. Anything requiring intensive graphics ended up in kernel crashes. I was not happy. I couldn't run Gimp or even Preview. I couldn't do anything with our trip photos. Some days I couldn't even get an email message written before Firefox bid me farewell. The computer became an expensive stereo. Apparently nothing can kill iTunes.

It's early days yet but Mr Blithe may have ridden to the rescue. He's run a diagnostic programme that identifies and fixes software conflicts and issues with preferences. So far so good. You may even see some photos soon. Or see me cheerful. Try not to be too shocked.


Vivi said...

I hear you, sister! Our computers are not peripheral to our lives anymore, although I continue to think of them as such (maybe I'm alone in the misconception).

So, is it a software conflict or a virus? I had a worried moment the other day when a friend's pc laptop found spyware on the flash drive I use to transfer files between -everything. I have noticed that my Mac laptop seems slower recently (but the hard disk is nearly full, another housekeeping chore I've been putting off) but I haven't yet gone to the trouble of checking for that Trojan on my computer. Tsk tsk, Vivi! I may regret my procrastination one of these days.

Blithe said...

Well so far it seems as if it was a conflict of preferences. The programme we ran was Applejack which goes through all your settings, programmes and preferences and fixes ones which are acting against each other. It showed us four pages of conflicts!

We're still having some issues with Microsoft programs e.g. Excel keeps locking up but that may be using a no-longer supported OS. But things are running much more smoothly.