Monday, 17 May 2010

Going back to basics

My first ever published story, by me age 5, from the school annual magazine.
Once upon a time there was a skeleton and a witch. they were enemies. one night the witch sneaked to the skeletons house. the skeleton was sitting in front of the fire eating Pancakes. by the corner of his eye he saw the witch. they began to fite. the skeleton won the war because he was stronger than the witch.

Illustrated by me with a very good representation of a witch and a very dodgy looking skeleton. Apparently he did like his food as his house was piled with pancakes and the tree outside laden with shiny red apples. Both interesting choices as I had probably not seen or eaten either of those foods at that age. Cultural imperialism anyone?

Naturally the punctuation and capitalisation were corrected for publication. What else are editors for?


Vivi said...

And, you answered the age-old question of, Who would win, Skeletons or Witches?

Congrats on starting back at square one. Sometimes that's the way to push forward.

Joe MN said...

Are you going to post the associated artwork?