Saturday, 4 September 2010

Panic setting in

It's official…I am a geek. I have suspected as much for some time but I have finally reached the conclusive point. I now have so many different email addresses, blogs, twitter and assorted password protected things that I maintain that I can't keep the login names and passwords straight in my head.

Usually I am fine with the login names but put in the wrong password. My suspicions were aroused when I started hesitating during that vital tab from the login to the password. Then I began fumbling my typing. Then I started getting error messages. Once I was even locked out of an account for 20 minutes.

I'm choosing to believe that it is geekdom attained rather than senility encroaching. And I am making a list for myself. A proper list. One not stored on a computer. A printed out list stashed in my offline files. Otherwise I might forget my computer login and lose access to my entire life.

Right now I'm not sure that that would be a bad thing.


Vivi said...

Um, except I think a true geek, properly defined, would not have a problem with 27 various passwords. She would have an algorithm so each password was unique yet undecipherable yet recreate-able by her at need. I know whereof I speak.

So don't give up hope yet. The Cloak of Geekitude is hovering, but has not suffocated you yet.

Blithe said...

Well that is a relief...Now I must go off and develop an algorithm or two.