Thursday, 9 September 2010

Why I live where I do

Sometimes I have the perfect answer to why I live where I do when it would be so much easier to live closer to work opportunities, or wonderful stores, or cultural activities.

I walk into my living room on a spring evening and see the night sky, the dark hills, city lights rimming the horizon, circles of water dotting the gully and hear this.
[432kb wma file download]


This is the first time I've tried linking to an audio file. Let me know if and how it works.


Vivi said...

To those of us still reeling from the snake-in-the-attic story (that would be urban Me), it sounds like you live in a jungle. I mean, a scary jungle. A scary, noisy jungle.

Rather splendid really, but "exotic" doesn't approach describing it.

(I had to download the file to play it on Quicktime, but otherwise, no problems with the uploaded audio.)

Blithe said...

It's funny that to you it sounds like a jungle. I spent my primary school days in a jungle and this sounds bucolic to me. No monkeys howling, no (well not many!) bizarre rustles...And I have also got used to this level of noise on a warm night. City noises bother me now.

I recorded this at my open back door after a decent rainfall earlier in the day. The top notes here are cicadas. The popping noise are one kind of frogs and the medium drone are another kind of frog. I love the sound because it reminds me that our hills and waterways are still healthy.