Thursday, 2 August 2007

Messing around

On a busy day tinged with concern – the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis is one that I have crossed many times and that many of my friends and former colleagues regularly use – I am posting some “messing around” pictures that I did recently. We’re searching for a logo for the Residents’ Association and I wanted to play around with some ideas. Someone with professional expertise is now guiding us and I am looking forward to seeing their proposals. These photos fortunately tie into a series of photographs on which I’m working of local architectural features so they won’t go to waste.

The first is a picture of the community hall, which was originally the local bank building. It is on one corner of what I recently saw grandly described as the “business centre” of Marburg. This “centre” comprises of a pub on one corner, antique store/post office/real estate on another and general store on the last. The community hall has recently been repainted in heritage colours which some people hate, but which highlights the architectural features of the building.

The second image is of the back of the community hall. I like the clean lines of this and the distinctive veranda uprights. And the third image is a cutout print of the back of the hall.

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Amy said...

Did Kate tell you (if needed) none of ours, at least, were involved in the bridge collapse. I haven't heard from others at the U. Horrific incident. - Amy