Friday, 17 August 2007

Those “aha” moments

“The shippers employed an immigrants’ cook, or more than one depending on the numbers, and a baker; such appointments were subject to the surgeon’s approval and control...the baker issued fresh bread three times a week…many of the rations were supplied directly to the immigrants to prepare pies and puddings, cakes and buns according to their favourite recipes; these were delivered to the cook or baker for the final state of production. While no passengers were allowed in the bakehouse, the galley fires were available for their use at several times of day.” (Woolcock, p.97)

This is definitely a way to work Michael and Anders into the story of shipboard life. They can have an important role on board ship that will give them a start on their new life in Queensland. Having useful skills is often a way to fit into a new society and having useful relatives gives the rest of the family social standing and personal security on board ship.

And on a more frivolous note, amidst my research, writing, erudition and hard slog, the post most commented on by family and friends, turns out to be the one on jogging. Apparently I surprised even my sister who probed gently to find out if I had jogged more than once or if it was a one-off event. Researching and writing a book seems no great surprise – jogging does. Another “aha” moment.

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