Friday, 22 May 2009

Early winter meditation

Sit on stone wall, bare feet in wet grass,
Hot sun, air with edge,
Deep breaths, eyes closed.


Tiny finches rustle grass
Seed heads rub on ironbark and wire
Mulberry leaves jostle like dropped manuscript
Currawong’s musical gargle
Something peeps urgently in response
Calls of high-flying crow
Two dogs discuss their day’s agenda
Grind of trucks on highway
Banded lapwings explode in noise
Crunch of wheels on gravel
Constant drone of frogs
A child shrieks
Tiny native bees hover in the snowflake bushes (euphorbia euphoria)
Wind in apple-scented gum
Twigs bounce off tin roof
Creak of house.

Draw back into yourself
Eyes open
Hills and skies so bright
All seems new again.

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