Monday, 11 May 2009

Sweet relief

Blithe Girl approves! She picked up a few egregious typos in the manuscript such as my continual mistyping of shop for ship. This shop is one that has many adventures on the high seas.

She devoured the book over the weekend. I kept coming around corners and finding her reading it. Each time I stopped, heart in throat. It was worse than final exams.

I know that she isn’t the most critical of readers, being related to me and all, but I really wanted to get the perspective of a ten year old reader, my target audience. Was the pacing good? What about the characters? Did you like them? Did you care what happened to them? Were there bits that were boring? What parts did you like? I was amazed by her thoughtful responses and thrilled by her enjoyment of it. The final verdict – she can’t wait to read the next book. I am a happy woman.

Now I have to write a killer cover letter and start sending it off, one publisher at a time of course. Wish me luck!

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Vivi said...

We used to say, You don't need luck, you've got talent! But here's to hoping, anyway. If nothing else, congratulations!