Friday, 1 May 2009

On the subject of…

Advantages and disadvantages. Yesterday I participated in my first teleconference from home. The advantage, eight people across Queensland were (hopefully) not aware that I was wearing my woolly slippers.

The disadvantage? The green tree snake slithering around the pittosporum tree next to my office window while I was trying to outline the proposed evaluation and retain some semblance of professionalism (as much as one can while wearing woolly slippers of course).

Mr. Blithe suggested that maybe someone was suggesting that this job is a satanic temptation. He then conceded that he had simply wanted to use that phrase in an email for a long time. Google ads then presented me with offers for Gold Coast Resort accommodation and a “luxury retreat” at Peppers Spicers Peak Lodge. Someone somewhere has a sense of humour.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed that when I have to make a 'serious' phone call, I prefer to be wearing pants.

I mean, I'm always wearing SOMETHING, but I do tend to schlep around my apt in my sweats. Real work requires real clothes.

That said, I don't necessarily kick off my fake-leopard-print-fur slippers. . . .