Friday, 15 October 2010

And then it rained

Black Snake Creek Festival was held on a cold, damp and windy day in October. The brightest thing was the bunting on our stall (made by my talented sister-in-law), although this comes close.

And then it started to rain. It rained all night. It rained most of the next day. It rained some of the following day. The ground was already damp and the dams nearly full. After the dams filled, the valley started to fill.

Then the creek filled...

And overflowed in various places...

And the children got a day off school. End of story. Except that more rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Credits: all the water photos were taken by Blithe Girl. The bunting can be made to order and I will happily pass on your contact details to Sister-in-law Blithe.


Anonymous said...

It sure looks like the drought has broken in sunny Queensland. Are the children allowed to run under the sprinkler again?

Blithe said...

Well we always could run under the sprinkler if we wanted because we aren't on reticulated water, but of course being on tank water we are even more careful than the authorities.

I believe though that the water restrictions are going to stay in place even with water being released from the dams because who knows when we will be in dire straits again? And it took a long time to train people to be water-wise so the government doesn't want us to become slack again. See the Qld Water Commission for their take on this: