Monday, 25 October 2010

The back paddock

Prism in my kitchen splitting light
Bright sunshine on the hills

Jacaranda blending into the late afternoon sky

Terrible howling in the gully

No child this

Young woman crying over her horse

Jagged words run together


Bulldozer edges over sodden ground

Sudden tilt on the dam wall then a slide to the edge

Ten minutes and the burial is done

Angry boy kicking grass in bare feet

"I'm gonna leave this godforsaken fucking place."

All I can think, "Didn't your mum tell you to wear shoes in the long grass?"

Looking over the lush hills I count

Tiny guinea pig mound here

Horse here

Cow beneath that tree

Another horse there

Crows picking over the newly turned earth

Now I know why the back paddock is so green

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