Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The blame n’ shame game

I blame it entirely on my friend Vivi. She had the gall to write in her blog about the recent Wordstock Festival 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Even worse, she mentioned an impressive New Zealand author, Rachael King. So of course, I had to go look her up. After all I have to support half of my ancestral heritage. King has a website which is about her books and writing and a page of links to sites that she likes. And then I was sucked into the vortex of time-wasting that is the internet. I wandered through a few sites before becoming mired on goodreads.

A significant amount of time later: dishes and children unwashed; unfolded laundry piled high on my bed; wet swimsuits still lying on the laundry floor; school lunches unmade; manuscript not typed; trim unpainted; I was creating an account and setting up my bookshelves. Then I went surfing amongst other’s shelves and investigating who else in my neighbourhood has fallen into the trap. It was great.

All I can say is “Don’t go there.” But if you do, be sure to ask to be my friend. I’m there in my Blithe persona and it turns out that I read a lot of science and speculative fiction which is odd considering that I write historical fiction. My shelves are still a work in progress but I’m trying to get just a few other things done so please be patient.

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Vivi said...

hee hee. I mentioned King with you in mind (she was impressive, but it was the New Zealand aspect in particular which motivated me). I'll delay greatreads until I'm caught up on Nanowrimo (or given up).

I wish you could have gone to a panel at Wordstock, on Historical Fiction for Young Adult novels. I almost went for you, but decided to give it a pass, because I don't know your issues or where you might want inspiration (if anywhere).