Monday, 24 November 2008

We interrupt our broadcast…

I’m not keeping a careful tally, but I assumed a few months ago that I would easily reach a total of 300 posts on my blog before Christmas. That goal has clearly fallen by the wayside as blogging has slipped a little lower on my agenda. When I set out to write today, I realised that I have a number of unfinished pieces begging to be published. So I do promise that I will try to draw together some fragment of intelligent thought to finish writing about:
- living without electricity in the Rosewood Scrub;
- the huge storm of last week that sent water washing through Marburg, brought down telephones and took off rooves, but somehow left us dry and with uninterrupted broadband (not that it helped my blogging). NB: perhaps even with pictures;
- the ever-lovely jacaranda, our purple snow of spring, that would not have been flowering in the hills and valleys when the Jaeckels arrived in Moreton Bay in the 1870s (and why);
- small-town-itus in a good incarnation;
- progress on the great house saga;
- progress on the less-great, but still interesting novel;
- anything else that comes to mind over the next week.

Stay tuned, or at least, check in occasionally.

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