Saturday, 8 November 2008

Scattering thoughts

Every Saturday I draw a breath and think back on the previous crazy week. I don’t know what normal is any more. The good thing is that many projects are coming to a head. The bad thing is that many projects are coming to a head. There is constant pressure to be doing something as there are so many things that need immediate attention. I guess it’s all part of being grown-up (something that I have resisted for a long time).

Last night the children were at a disco at the school followed by a sleepover here with a friend followed by an overnight scout camp today. This was after a week full of regular activities. I am actually against over-scheduling for my children and I. Imagine if I wasn’t.

The house is at the point where people can see that it is a house and not a barn. Sleepover guest last night exclaimed “Your house is so big and you have so many books.” For some reason that vindicated all the months of pain. Not that I hold a large house as a value in itself, but we have lived on top of each other for a long time and it is marvellous to finally have places in the house where you can’t hear everything else going on. The girls slept out on air mattresses in what will be Mr Blithe’s and my new bedroom. We are now some of the few people who haven’t slept out there.

In answer to those who have pointed out the spots of paint on my knees, elbows, hands, glasses… I have been painting all week. It’s been a joy transforming our living room with into a white and daffodil yellow space floating above the valley.

When I haven’t been painting or ferrying people around or any of a myriad of other activities, I’ve been trying to finish up my book. The Jaeckels are at Moreton Bay and I’m trying to work out where to finish the first book. Do I get them here then start the next book with their new life? Do I get them to Marburg first? One option would be to keep telling the story then try to break it up into the separate books later.

And a question – like all writers, I enjoy having new readers. My alter ego, the stylishly named MDRA, posts on the myMarburg blog . Do you think I should add Two Tree Hill as a link or as a blog that is being followed? Do I want to extend my current elite group of readers (yes I mean you)? Will I actually get any more readers or will I just have to write more tactfully and carefully on this blog (no more rundowns on local committee meetings or commentary on local issues)? Let me know what you think.

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Vivi said...

I think it depends on how much you are willing to let your different "identities" merge, and how comfortable you are with letting people see both sides of you. My impression is that this is the more personal of the two blogs, although you don't get specific about personal things (e.g., children's names). Then again, Marburg, and those who would be interested in a Marburg site, is not a tremendously huge place, so it won't be total strangers reading this blog.

I don't like to have my name and personal facts about me available online, perhaps because I have a History. That History is entirely benign, and one that some people might even trumpet about, but it was a long time ago, and I don't feel much connected to it any more -- so when people do dredge my name up I am uncomfortable. So I protect my various "identities". Yep, J.D. Salinger, that's me.