Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Beauty versus comfort

Today is the fortnightly visit of the mobile library to town so I should be able to pick up the book I requested “The Long Farewell” by Don Charlwood. I keep thinking of it as “The Long Goodbye” and have visions of German migrants in trenchcoats lurking in dark corners. It is one of the definitive texts on early migration to Australia so it should fill in a lot of background for me especially now that I have more of a grasp of the subject myself.

I am typing while kneeling on the floor in front of the computer – cold and hard on the knees with the wind whistling beneath but my creaky back seems temporarily happy. And the supplicatory position seems to appeal to the computer. My desk chair is aesthetically pleasing but ergonomically unsound. If I am to write every day, I will need something more suitable. I plan to look around for one while uttering apologies to my great-grandfather who so carefully crafted the chair and to the god of aesthetics for disdaining it. It just proves that history is not always kind, nor conducive to the computer age.

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