Friday, 13 July 2007

Representations in brief

The cold meeting (or rather the meeting in the cold, as the atmosphere itself was cordial) on Monday night was to discuss options for developing a website for Marburg. Amongst other things, we tried to come up with ideas for a logo for the Residents’ Association. As many governments and organizations have discovered, selecting a single image to represent a place, thing or group is never easy.

So far we have two suggestions: a stylised representation of the community hall (a historic former bank building on one of the prime/only business corners in town) and a stylised image of a scrub turkey. The second idea is drawn from the fact that tallegalla appears to be an aboriginal name for said turkey.

Thinking about things that might represent Marburg, there seem to be several categories.

1. Nature:
bush turkey, local vegetation (crow’s ash nut, hoop pine, other?)
2. Built Environment:
community hall, Queenslander house
3. Landscape:
hills, valley and Black Snake Creek
4. Historical:
German wagon, post and rail fencing, something to do with farming.

One thing we did agree at the meeting, that we ourselves do not have the graphic design skills required develop the “essential aesthetic details.” Opinionated we may be, but not adequately artistically talented. It will be interesting to see and hear what images represent Marburg in the minds of other people. It could be a good exercise in community communication and self-understanding.

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