Friday, 20 July 2007

Whether the weather?

Just in case there are those of you who doubt my assertion of the cold temperatures here and cast aspersions on my chill tolerance (the word “wuss” has been mentioned), may I draw your attention to the following
ABC news story
of yesterday? The weather bureau’s Greg Connors said “Not since 1941 have we had such a long cold spell…” and he continues “we think as Friday and Saturday approaches it’s going to get even colder.” Mentioned in the article as a particularly cold spot is Amberley, home to a large RAAF airbase, and about 20 kilometres from here towards Ipswich as the F-111 flies.

The current cold aside, I am curious as to what the spring and summer of 1941 were like. Then I could decide whether to even think about continuing work on the garden and tree planting. If they were hot and dry, then I’ll just concentrate on other things. My hope is for rain and lots of it. My plan for this weekend is chainsaw shopping.

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