Monday, 16 July 2007

Photo Day

I have been trying to take my camera with me whenever I go out. Sometimes I forget or don't have time to stop. Below are some images of things I have mentioned in recent posts.

The beautiful and slightly eccentric Tallegalla cemetary. Note how the graves undulate with the terrain.

A crisp winter morning at the forestry plot at Marburg State School. Most of these trees were planted in 1928 in Queensland's first school-based forestry plot.

The new play equipment has now been installed at the school thanks to our federal government grant. It arouses strong feelings in some viewers but the kids love it.

I have a bit of a thing about fences. I love their demarcation of territory and the strong lines they add to the landscape, defining a view or leading the eye over the contours. Here, a fence divides the back of the school grounds and a neighbouring farm.

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Kate said...

I love the photos, Jenny! The landscape that you see everyday looks very, very exotic to me. It is like nothing I have ever seen.

I wonder how it would appear to your German immigrants? Of course, after their experience of traveling around the world, perhaps they would be prepared for anything. What had provoked them to move to Australia? Was there a recruitment campaign of some kind that included etchings of the country?